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The way Shaadi Online TV show touched the hearts of the viewers has been
highly appreciated by the local as well as the international press. Come and see what they said .........

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With over 150 episodes, Shaadi Online TV Show is proud to have numerous happy couples who have
found their life partners through our show. You can also be one of them! Just check outů You can also submit your success story and win gifts...
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Wedding day wishes As you start a life today We wish all the life finest
Wedding day wishes As you start a life today We wish all the life finest things, and all the very deep contenment, that a perfect marriage that a perfect marriage
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Now here is the facility to create your Personal Page on
Share these pages with your friends and family members FREE. Your wedding web page informs your friends and family of how and where you met your spouse....
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Traditional Pakistani marriage celebrations lasts for four days.
First day, the bride and groom's families each dress in yellow, and celebrate the upcoming nuptials separately. The betrothed couple will not see each other from this day...
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Days before the wedding ceremony, people start thinking about honeymoon and places
they would love to go. has created a list of special destinations where you can spend your memorable days and ........
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